Understand Yourself or Your Loved
One from the Inside Out

At MindMatters Neuropsychology, we develop efficient, effective, customized interventions for each individual or family based on the way someone processes information in their brain. Of course, personality, relationships, and emotions color everything, so we integrate that too!!

• Core Attention
• Impulse-Control Capacities
• Memory (Short-Term and Long-Term)
• Executive Functioning
• Auditory and Language Processing
• Visual-Spatial Processing
• Sensory-Motor Processing
• Processing Speed
• Intelligence and Academic Performance
• Social and Interpersonal Functioning
• Emotional Intelligence and Regulation
• Behavioral Controls and Personality

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Go Beyond a Diagnosis and Treat the Underlying Issue

Being the “best version” of your self requires a good deal of self-awareness, courage, and perseverance. That means different things at different stages of development, from childhood through older adulthood.

At MindMatters Neuropsychology, Dr. John Milanovich, Ph.D. has been helping people, both individuals and families, become the best version of themselves for over 20 years. While many practitioners have 500 to 1000 hours of supervised training, Dr. Milanovich had over 8000 hours with some of the most respected mentors in the world.

Now, with breakthroughs in cognitive training, with well-formed parent/caregiver training programs, and with a host of effective individual therapies to choose from, the chances for success are better than ever before!

Children and Teens (ages 2-17)

Young Adults (ages 17-27)

Adults (ages 20’s to 90’s)

Cognitive Training

School Accommodations / Recommendations

Parent Training

Community Resources


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