What to Expect

Initial Contact

Upon contacting MindMatters, Dr. Milanovich or a member of his staff will speak with you to help determine the type and appropriateness of evaluation for you or your loved one. In most cases this can be accomplished through a phone consultation, which is free of charge. In some cases, individuals or families would like to first meet with Dr. Milanovich before scheduling an appointment to begin testing, which we can accommodate when requested (typical office fees are applicable).

If you are seeking an FAA/Aeromedical Evaluation, please carefully review the information below.

Your Appointments

Most Neuropsychological Evaluations can be completed in one day for older teens and adults, though the option is available to break up the time into two days. Children and younger teens typically complete two half-days of testing, each about 3-hours in duration, to optimize their performance.

After testing is completed, we will schedule a follow-up meeting to review the test results and recommendations. For individuals, you are welcome to review the results with us by yourself or with relevant family members. For children and teens, we most often meet only with parents to review the results and recommendations, though on a separate appointment we may meet with a child or teen if it is appropriate. We will mail a full report of our findings, which can be shared with any other practitioners or educators as needed, approximately one-week after the results feedback meeting.

In some cases, we will not have a results feedback meeting but rather your report will be sent to your physician (AME) or some other agency (FAA) as requested, in the case of aeromedical evaluations.


An estimated cost of our services will be given to you upon your initial contact to our clinic. For Psychological or Neuropsychological Evaluations, we require half of the expected costs during the first appointment. The balance of the Evaluation final cost is due during the results feedback meeting. At that time, we will give you an itemized billing statement for you to submit to your insurance company. Depending on your deductible and specific plan, you may receive a partial reimbursement for our services (excluding most FAA/Aeromedical Evaluations). It should be noted that our evaluation fees are often at a fraction of the cost seen in some other settings, including a university hospitals.

Fees for consultations (in or out of our clinic, including school settings), parent/caregiver training, or counseling are due at the time of service.

For cognitive training, all fees are due on or before the orientation meeting. It should be noted that final decisions to complete cognitive training should be made prior to the orientation meeting, as the latter is not used to help you or your child make a decision, but rather to begin training. If for some reason a payment is not made that day, you accept responsibility to pay for the orientation at our hourly consultation rate, regardless if training is undertaken or not.

FAA/Aeromedical Appointments

FAA/Aeromedical evaluations are almost always completed in one day to help accommodate pilots and decrease turn-around time. In order to avoid delays in processing your paperwork, please bring any and all letters from the FAA to your appointment. For those undergoing ADD/ADHD testing and/or select Neurocognitive Evaluations, be prepared to complete a urine drug screen at the facility of your choice within 24-hours after the evaluation (5-Panel Urine Drug Screen that includes Amphetamines is usually the best option). We do not complete urine drug screens in our facility and it is your responsibility to find a qualified facility, which we recommend you do prior to your appointment in our office. FAA/Aeromedical Psychological or Neuropsychological Evaluations are typically not covered by medical insurance policies. All fees for FAA/Aeromedical Evaluations are due the day of your appointment.

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