Evaluation & Testing

Proper evaluation of academic, social, emotional, or behavioral struggles is the most important aspect of a child’s care. Pinpointing any obstacles to a child’s progress in school, friendships, or outlooks in life is vital to understanding his or her needs. At MindMatters, we go beyond a diagnosis to determine exactly what is driving a child’s successes and struggles.

Below the Surface
Neuropsychological testing helps us to examine all of the important underlying processes used by a child to navigate the world. There is so much going on below the surface that can help children learn about people and their environment – language, executive functions, visual-spatial analysis, attention, and recall memory (just to name a few!). All are equally important, but many can be taken for granted.

Dr. John Milanovich, founder of MindMatters, has brought together the most dependable and comprehensive set of tools known for discovering the underlying basis of a child’s struggles. The resulting cognitive profile, or MindMap, becomes an incredibly powerful tool that details all of a child’s talents and vulnerabilities. With the MindMap in hand, parents, teachers, and other caregivers have a veritable roadmap to a child’s success!

Eliminating the Guesswork
MindMaps make it easier to plan for educational programming, handling problems at home, or assisting with friendships and outlooks. They also lead to more reliable diagnoses and, with social-emotional testing (available at MindMatters), can even assist in medication considerations. Parents and professionals can finally understand children like never before…from the inside out!

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