Cognitive Training

Let’s not spend so much time teaching academic or work skills outside of school or work, but rather strengthen the internal hardware of the brain so that all future learning can be more efficient and effective, being the best version of your self – for you and your community. This is true whether you are a student or a working parent that is perhaps juggling more than anyone has before in human history. In just weeks of non-pharmacological training, years of improvement in underlying neurological functioning can be found, enhancing every moment of every day for you or your loved one, 365-days out of the year.

School Accommodations / Recommendations

Once we know your child from the Inside Out, we can help his or her teachers have the same understanding. We offer recommendations to schools that we have found are practical and actually work in most cases for a particular child’s profile of strengths and weaknesses. This greatly assists teachers in their work with your child, enhancing their direct time together for 30-plus hours per week. Let your child’s educators unleash their talents and skills by knowing just what your child needs, 180-days out of the year.

Parent Training

Motivating a child to do something he or she does not want to do can be incredibly difficult in some cases, especially in the digital age. Helping a child, including teens, better manage his or her emotions and behaviors can be just as challenging.

In just weeks of training, parents and caregivers can optimize their own responses and household expectations to help a child make good decisions throughout the day, which can aid them greatly in reaching the important daily responsibilities, experiencing rewards for work well-done, and developing habits of success that can be used for the rest of his or her life. While this is certainly relevant to a 4-year old, it might also be relevant for some 24-year olds.

Let’s make home life not only functional but optimal, possibly for the first time ever. Enhancing relationships within the home can lead to benefits each and every day. Then, a household can see what it is like to have habits of harmony and charity, rather than resistance and avoidance, 365-days out of the year.

Individual and Family Counseling

While cognitive training and other interventions work for many people seen in our clinic, individual and/or family counseling can be important to one’s success in overcoming the obstacles he or she face. We use scientifically-based interventions that help children and adults develop coping strategies and personal insights appropriate to one’s age and stage of development, so that he or she may take charge of life from the Inside Out. Managing anxiety, challenging fears, coping with daily stress (or high stakes situations), and dealing with despair in ways that assist one in overcoming obstacles he or she face can be life-changing. Friendship factors often can be addressed as well, as our social-emotional life colors everything.


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