Dr. John Milanovich

Dr. John Milanovich is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Behavioral Medicine specialist with concentrations in pediatrics, aerospace/aviation, and sports-related concerns at any age. He has over 30-years of experience in the mental health field, nearly 25-years of which are in the field of neuropsychology and cognitive training. Dr. Milanovich has had appointments at three VA hospitals in Michigan and was a past post-doctoral fellow at the University of Michigan. He completed his doctoral degree at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. He is currently a member of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the Aerospace Medical Association (Human Factors division).

Most recently he has was invited to write a book chapter on brain exercises for pilots int the upcoming Aviation Neuropsychology textbook, which is the first of its kind. He is known to be a pioneer in the field of Cognitive Training (CTr) for pilots, race car drivers, and students of all ages. Other recent research publications in CTr for pilots were completed in conjunction with FlightSafety International, Kent State University, and The Ohio State University. Ongoing experimentation and work in the motorsports arena has also been a source of inspiration and fun. As noted below, Optimal Aviation and Optimal Motorsports, divisions of his company, Optimal Training Services LLC, are thriving in terms of both research and helping those in need, whether it's to overcome injury or reach peak performance.

Over the decades, he has worked much with children, young adults, and their families, completing evaluations and providing various intervention services, including psychotherapy, parent/caregiver training, and cognitive training. Work with athletes of all kinds, especially those diagnosed with Concussion or Post-Concussive Syndrome has become increasingly important in his work with individuals of all ages.

Dr. Milanovich’s work with older adolescents and adults has focused on those in the aerospace and aviation industry, including pilots and air traffic controllers, and as noted above he developed highly efficient and very effective approaches to strengthening the cognitive processes most associated with flight performance and safety, which is provided through Optimal Aviation. Work has been underway in Motorsports which is paving the way for peak performance and faster lap times.

While Dr. Milanovich’s work has been the source of great joy and wonderful collaborations throughout the years, his family and Christian faith remain at the forefront of his daily life. In addition to his time spent with family, he enjoys daily prayer and other religious activities, golf, and piloting aircraft whenever possible.

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