Children and Teens (ages 2-17)

At MindMatters Neuropsychology, we have always had a special place in our hearts for children and teens. They are simply so special, with so much potential. Yet, their road is unknown and we do not yet know the special way in which they will positively impact the world, and especially the people in it. It does not matter whether or not your child is gifted from an intellectual standpoint, has problems in reading or math, struggles with regulating emotions or behaviors, or was born with a medical condition that affects his or her neurological development (such as Down’s Syndrome); simply put, your child has infinite potential to positively impact those in his or her life.

Often, positive impacts are happening throughout a child’s development, even when it does not look so positive. Part of our job as parents, and a community, is to help our children become the people they were made to be, the people they could be.

Our clinic was built to help each and every child reach his or her potential, and hopefully begin to feel better and better while doing it. We use scientifically-based, tried-and-true evaluation procedures to identify just what your child’s strengths and talents are, as well as pinpoint the underlying weakness, or weaknesses, that is holding him or her back. Cognitive, social, emotional, behavioral, and academic aspects of your child’s development are assessed to determine just what will be the best intervention(s) for him or her.

As it truly does takes a village to raise a child, or as we like to say, “A Community of Love,” our interventions are set-up to assist most all of the adults in a child’s life to know just what could be most helpful for his or her success, including parents, teachers, and other practitioners involved in his or her care (information is only shared at a parent’s discretion and only with written permission). Then, direct and indirect work with a child using the most efficient and effective means known leads to reaching goals like never before – from the Inside Out.

Young Adults (ages 17-27)

Today’s young adults are facing unique challenges.

Bright students are taking longer than ever before to graduate from college. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress are observed at levels higher than we have perhaps ever seen. The way of relating and communicating with each other has been rapidly changing, with less face-to-face interaction and tendencies toward self-isolation. All the while, electronics have become many person’s comfort zone, or worse if addicted to one or another form of entertainment. This is not an uplifting picture.

Yet there is hope.

At MindMatters Neuropsychology, we are committed to helping young adults become the person he or she was made to be, the person he or she could be. And, we have a strong track record of doing so.

Our evaluations of struggling young adults have helped families understand just what obstacles their child faces, the means by which he or she could most effectively overcome those obstacles, and in many cases the path from which he or she moves from dependence to independence.

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Adults (ages 20’s to 90’s)

Whether you are struggling in school or work, dealing with a head injury or some other ailment (such as problems in concentration or memory loss), experiencing interpersonal or emotional struggles, or simply desiring to understand your self from the Inside Out, our services pinpoint your specific cognitive and mental strengths and weaknesses.

Then, we help you embark on a personalized program that strives to strengthen your weaknesses and overcome the obstacles you face so that you may reach your goals and experience success in your daily life.

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