Concussion vs Post-Concussion Syndrome

Concussions and Head Injuries cause a number of cognitive and behavioral changes that, in some cases, are long-term. There is actually a complex interplay between any changes in the brain resulting from an impact to the head with one’s emotions, behaviors, and capacities to meet past or present expectations. Our evaluations help determine whether or not there is a potentially long-lasting cognitive problem that has been interfering with you or your loved one’s life, or whether emotional factors that in part arise from a Concussion or Head Injury are the real culprits at this time (such as what is observed in some forms of Post-Concussive Syndrome, or PCS). Our evaluations help to tease apart the biological from the psychological, which gives us a very good idea about treatment directions and interventions that match one’s actual, underlying needs. Most often, they are completed at a fraction of the cost that is often found in university hospital or some other settings.


Dr. Milanovich is a neuropsychologist with flying experience and he enjoys working with aviators on a regular basis. He is a HIMS Neuropsychologist and Cogscreen-AE provider who completes Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluations, whichever is required, for pilots with potentially disqualifying medical conditions, such as past or current diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, depression/SSRI use, alcohol/substance abuse, anxiety/panic disorder, acquired neurological conditions (i.e., stroke, seizures/epilepsy, etc.), head injuries, learning disabilities, personality disorders, or any other mental health condition that is of concern to the FAA.

The Psychological and Neuropsychological Evaluations required by the FAA are highly specialized assessments, and our clinic is set up to be among the most efficient in the region for testing pilots, so that any grounding is limited as much as possible. We work closely with pilots, AME’s, counselors, and the Aerospace Medicine Division (CAMI) of the FAA in Washington DC and Oklahoma to ensure all paperwork is delivered the right way and to the right people. We also are willing to make that extra phone call, which could save weeks if not months of delays in some cases.

Dr. Milanovich also works within the aerospace industry to assist pilots fly at their sharpest and safest though cognitive training programs developed specifically for aviators. This program, administered through Optimal Aviation: Brain Fitness for Pilots, is the first and most complete Brain Fitness program of its kind, particularly geared toward pilots and their specific neurological needs. Please visit our sister website for more information at It should be noted that this training does is not considered “therapy” or a form of “medical intervention,” and it should not be confused with the clinical work discussed on the MindMatters Neuropsychology website.

Peak Performance

Armed with our knowledge of people and reliable ways to address underlying, often “invisible” challenges, MindMatters is here to help you perform at your best. Whether it is taking the SAT or ACT to get into the college of your dreams, lower your handicap in golf by another 3 (or 30) strokes, or being able to juggle all your job demands, MindMatters leads the way in you being more resilient and effective, perhaps more than ever before.

The difference in our approach versus others is we do not teach you skills, but rather strengthen your neurological and psychological hardware so that anything you approach in life is simply easier to accomplish. The demands of our world are perhaps greater than ever before, especially from a cognitive standpoint. In addition to strengthening your brain, at your request we could also help you to remove other obstacles in your way, past or present, cognitive or social-emotional, to help you feel the freedom you were meant to have, and to assist you in your endeavors of actualizing your potentials. We see individuals of practically all ages for our Performance Enhancement programs, and as always, we work from the Inside Out.

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